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Shorthand basically refers to the Shortening of words in the form of symbols. The outlines we learn are symbols that represent a particular sound. We are talking about the sounds we hear. We don’t use silent words as outlines like we use in English. With the help of Consonants, Vowels, Diphthongs etc. That are created with some rules, we are able to catch up the Speed and write in less time.

Don’t you feel easy writing the Words like Management, Hospital, Parliament, Solicitor etc. In Shorthand rather than in English? Yes! That is the main purpose of Creation of Shorthand. It saves a lot of time and Energy. It makes you and your work Smarter. It’s very important for an Assistant to create a good reputation in front of their Boss. For that he must have a good Proficiency in all the skills of Office Management. So that’s where the skill of Stenography is needed. The Assistant or the Secretary writes everything in shorthand and then he Transcribes the data in English.


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